Founded in 2012, NIUSIC is a key, and pure player, among the classical artist agencies with a new and contemporary way of representing artists and communicating throughout their local and global networks and communities. We offer a new and fresh perspective on management our clients’ business by focusing our energy and devotion to a unique representation of each one of our numerous talented artists and projects. We consider each one of them on a personal basis and we adapt our approach in function of the artist’s ambition and desire. NIUSIC manages the promotion and work to the career development of its artists in Europe and abroad. Our roster comprises talented and original artists at different stages of their career supporting as well rising stars as established ones. On another hand NIUSIC is involved in numerous production events and artistic creations always looking to create links between various kind of arts linked with classical music. Thanks to a large network of contacts and our team’s unique skill sets and acquired know-how, we are able to support and accompany the artist through all the aspects related to their career and artistic management (booking, administration, production, communication, facilities). We look for the best venues in term of prestige but also in terms of experience so we can offer to the artists the best environment and audience for their music. NIUSIC closely collaborates with the german agency ALBA & GORKA (based in Dortmund and Munich) in order to guaranty artists’ presence and visibility with an international dimension.

NIUSIC / Artist & Communication Agency
66 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris

Founder & Director
Samuel Gonzalez
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Partner & Public Relations
Iñaki Abalos
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